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For close to one hundred years, NYPAA and its members have advocated for policyholders throughout the entire State of New York, through representation on both residential and commercial property claims. It is our mission to build the most professional and dedicated public adjusting industry here in the State of New York by enhancing the laws, processes, coverages and procedures which impact on insurance consumers to make the first-party claims experience as positive as possible for those New Yorkers.

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Who are we?

The NYPAA is an association of licensed professional public adjusters and affiliated legal & trade people whose goal is to share ideas, increase knowledge and effectively promote our profession to the public.  Our activities include advocating for consumer friendly insurance laws, providing continuing education for adjusters, and attempting to curb unfair claims practices wherever they may occur.

Can we help You?

Browse our directory to find an adjuster, cleaning service, contractor or attorney that can help you with your loss. Any of our members would be glad to answer any questions you might have and most will provide a free telephone consultation.  While a public adjuster is not necessary on every loss, contact with our members may be able to assist you with your decision as to how to handle your insurance claim.

Who do we help?

We are advocates for the insured. We help the homeowner, business owner, condo owner, renter or anyone else who has suffered an insurance loss. Public adjusters help you to negotiate with your insurance company and help you with the complexities of filing your insurance claim. The NYPAA also has clean up specialists to get your home or business back in shape as soon as possible, attorneys to assist you with any legal issues you may be facing, and other professionals who will aid you with the difficulties of your loss.